I like seeing everything people make. I honestly don't love everything I've made in the past either, but the more you do the better you get, and there's plenty you can learn by seeing how another artist approaches a design.

I have a lot of Cubees sitting around, and I feel bad throwing any away because they are like my kids, haha. I do give them up for adoption though - If anyone comes by my desk and comments on one it's theirs!

A few other ideas:

I know a few people who build them at 50% size to save space.
I see a lot of people using Cubees as ornaments on Christmas trees.
Leave them around town as "art drops".
Carefully re-flatten them and store them for later.
Carefully re-flatten them and mail them to people as holiday cards.
Buy a Godzilla costume, spread them around and flatten them. Be sure to record the carnage!
Start taking them apart... the pieces are modular, see what new characters you can come up with by swapping parts. - Recycle! - Carefully take them apart, now flip each part inside out and reassemble into a "blank". Now draw on it!

At the end of the day don't worry too much about destroying them, the beauty part is you can always make another one.


If you're getting streaks, it's because you haven't cleaned enough - Windex or any other glass cleaner.

To not get streaks with Windex on very dirty surfaces such as a car windshield you need to apply enough that you leave a bit behind as you wipe, then apply a bit more and use a new, clean cloth/towel/newspaper to wipe as much of that up as possible. The remaining Windex will then evaporate without any streaks.

I think the real key when cleaning glass is to make sure it is not too hot when you are cleaning it. Otherwise the cleaner evaporates before you wipe it up, leaving the dirt behind as streaks.

I really wish someone would tell me how to easily clean the inside of the windshield, particularly near where it meets the dash.

The way they do it in the business is simply water and dishsoap. You use one of those raggy sort of sheep looking things(or simply a rag)and then take a squeegee to get the water off.

This is how I wash the outside of things like my car or house and nothing even compares, newspaper, vinegar, windex. It all fails.

But if you can't use this technique you just use windex and rags/paper towel. Don't do it in wind, or super bright sun. The alcohol in the windex will evaporate before you have to time to clean. If you are leaving streaks with this, you are doing it wrong. It is designed to evaporate away and not leave streaks at all.

A window wet mopped with water and a few drops of dish soap will wipe clean with a squeegee.

The only important thing is the make sure the blade is sharp and you make a seal on the edge of the glass. Paper products of any kind will just push dirt around and at the end of the day when that long sunset light filters through your windows, you'll see all the smudges and swirls you left on the glass.

Get a squeegee and learn how to use it.


I got a gripe with most normal printers. They just don't have the detail that I sometimes want. I print out line art to color. It may sound silly but it is really relaxing. So how much can you get out of it?

That's depending on your printer. However, any "usual" printer has its limit at around 6-7pt. Beyond its raster is becoming too unprecise. There are special printers which are built for microprinting but those are most likely industrial based and way more than I would want to spend.

  1. Digital: Professional/archival/photo printers of 2400-4800 DPI can handle very small details.
  2. Analog: Flexograph, lithograph or even full digital flexograph press.

I have heard if you want really fine prints with normal equipement you need to splurge on very high quality glossy or "calendered" paper that has an extremely smooth printing surface, not copy paper or cheap cardstock. Which is worthless for my needs.


I think most of the citrus trees don't reliably begin producing until their 3rd or 4th year. Dwarf bananas can take like 4 or 5. I've read that if you get fruit in the first season that you should clip it off so that you don't stress the young plant.

I am hesitant to drop forty to seventy bucks on a plant if I don't think I could keep it alive! Where have people gotten their trees? What are some reliable retailers? How much light do they require? I live in Philadelphia, so they'd probably only get to be outside from May through late September... would that be enough?

Here is a conversation about growing trees in containers. Filled to the brim with great information.

They want full sun. It's totally doable. This probably isn't a beginning gardener thing, but fine for anyone with some experience under their belt.

We're growing an Improved Meyer Lemon and a Key Lime. They are in large containers with high water and air holding capacity mix - they want good drainage. The Key Lime has really spiky thorns. They are heavy feeders, so they definitely enjoy frequent/high fertilization. The Improved Meyer Lemon's flowers have a wonderful scent. It does take a couple of years to get production started. We haven't had tons of fruit or anything, but our trees haven't put into optimal conditions until quite recently, and now we're looking to have quite the bumper key lime crop (for a still young/small tree). The Meyer Lemons we've had are delicious, very unusual flavor.

We found ours at nurseries out in the middle of nowhere - you'll get a MUCH better price that way. Hope this helps.



  • French Vanilla (cap) 2%
  • Honey Clover (la) 1%
  • Marzipan (fa) 2%
  • Pear (tpa) 6%

The flavor was nothing like what I expected. The Pear was obviously supposed to be the main flavor note, with the honey to sweeten. That didn't happen. The two flavors combined to create a fruity, floral flavor that tasted neither of pear or honey.

The marzipan would in theory add a slight sweet nuttiness. Which it did to an extent.

Finally the French vanilla, to act as a blender, really only seemed to lighten the mix.

Next time, if there is one, I might use fa almond instead of marzipan.


I just finished 6 and I am so excited. My mind is spinning and I am not the only one.

  • Bran crosses the Wall, and inadvertently destroys it with the magic-cancellation mark on his hand. White walkers start marching south with the winter.
  • Wildlings settle north of Winterfell and are the first to be slaughtered by white walkers.
  • Jaime will consider being the Queenslayer, but will show growth by finding some other way to remove her from power.
  • Melissandre meets up with the Brotherhood (Sandor and Thoros). Arya also catches up with this group, kills Melissandre, and reunites with Sandor.
  • Euron is rejected by Dany and forms an alliance with Cersei. Dany is forced to defeat Euron's forces in battle.
  • Littlefinger rides back to the Vale. He does something that bores or upsets Robin, and Robin has him thrown through the moon door on a whim.
  • Not expecting Jon and Dany to marry/ally, at least not for a while. That would be too good of a thing to happen in a show where mostly-bad things happen. And I think Dany already has more alliances than she really cares for.
  • Cersei enraged that she's going to lose the Iron throne after she's lusted for it for so long. Cersei finds out Tyrion is the hand of the queen and is helping the invasion. Cersei tells Qyburn to burn them all, every man, woman and child in Kings Landing. Ser Jamie thrusts his sword into his true loves breast to stop her like he stopped the Mad King, amidst the smoke and ash the Queenslayer is born. He pulls out his sword to find it aflame.

Varys, Tyrion and Olenna are with Dany so I highly Doubt LF would get anywhere near the Throne no matter how much power he collects, he's burned those bridges they know his nature. I think LF will Fall in the north to Sansa, he has underestimated her and Jon and the northerners ever since season 1 with ned. he treats them not like players of the game but pieces.

It's only a matter of time before he makes a move for power and gets taken out, none of the northerners will stab Jon in the back now. and Lord royce, well LF threatened to throw him out of the moon door once already for "betraying sansa to the boltons" so we know his loyalties are not to LF, he would gladly side with Sansa and Jon. Lately he made a couple big mistakes regarding Sansa, clouded by his feelings for her.

Now Littlefinger is rejected by Sansa, who "lost" the top Stark position to Jon. She's no longer as interesting.