I like seeing everything people make. I honestly don't love everything I've made in the past either, but the more you do the better you get, and there's plenty you can learn by seeing how another artist approaches a design.

I have a lot of Cubees sitting around, and I feel bad throwing any away because they are like my kids, haha. I do give them up for adoption though - If anyone comes by my desk and comments on one it's theirs!

A few other ideas:

I know a few people who build them at 50% size to save space.
I see a lot of people using Cubees as ornaments on Christmas trees.
Leave them around town as "art drops".
Carefully re-flatten them and store them for later.
Carefully re-flatten them and mail them to people as holiday cards.
Buy a Godzilla costume, spread them around and flatten them. Be sure to record the carnage!
Start taking them apart... the pieces are modular, see what new characters you can come up with by swapping parts. - Recycle! - Carefully take them apart, now flip each part inside out and reassemble into a "blank". Now draw on it!

At the end of the day don't worry too much about destroying them, the beauty part is you can always make another one.