The way that it seems to me is that the seven are just paragons and not gods. They're irrelevant. The old gods are more of a natural mysticism and that's alive and well with Bran.

The interesting forces at work are Rh'llor and the Great Other, fire and ice. I think that both are destructive magics and that the White Walkers are the result of the Great Other's power. The children of the forest delved into magic that they normally didn't use. I think that both are evil and that only in balance can life survive.

In that, the Braavosi belief that there is only one God, death, makes sense. They are both different faces of the same coin so to speak. Unchecked, Ice kills everyone, and the same with fire. The people worshipping either are only drawn to power, and mistake that as having human traits.

An imbalance in either direction causes massive destruction, which is why the Many Faced God is so ambivalent in the eyes of his followers.

  • Dany will suffer some major loses at sea, due to Euron or a storm
  • Sam will find some key information at the citadel that will help in the fight against the White Walkers
  • Arya will continue her quest for vengeance that will ultimately consume her. She'll never reunite with her family again
  • King's Landing will devolve into civil war and will have destroyed itself from the inside before Dany even gets there
  • Jamie will kill Cersei and then off himself
  • Sansa and Jon will continue butting heads but she will ultimately manipulate Littlefinger out of the game
  • Tyrion will bring Jon and Dany together and they'll form an alliance through marriage before they even learn the truth of Jon’s birth
  • We'll get a flashback with Rhaegar to prove once and for all that it was love all along
  • Euron will be Dany's First Boss this season, only lasting a couple episodes -- will take out some of her fleet though, and also kill Yara
  • Dany will take King's Landing with relative ease, Cersei will die at the hands of Jaime when he stops her from burning the rest of the city, a la Aerys. Jaime then kills himself
  • The final episode of the season will contain the Wedding of Ice and Fire -- no crazy Red/Purple Wedding shenanigans, but we will see the Wall falling after the marriage is consummated to assure the audience that happiness is fleeting
  • Bran will reunite with his Starks siblings at Winterfell and inform Jon of his parentage
  • LF will put seeds of doubt into Sansa's head, she will make it appear as though she is on his side but turn against him when his guard is down, killing him
  • Arya will kill Melisandre
  • The Wall comes down in the finale

I think that the interesting thing with Jon Snow is that he is a mixture of the embodiment of fire and ice, a restoration of balance between the two forces.

Arya is identified by Melisandre as being linked with the Great Other, which implies that House Stark is linked to that force at least somewhat. This idea fits with the idea that the First Men bred with the Children of the Forest. The Targaryens are obviously linked with Rh'llor.

I think that both are evil unchecked and that only in balance, can life survive.

The old gods are a manifestation of that balance and the seven are just ideas that humans have of justice. The seven have no power outside what the humans give them in the series. The old gods are a natural force that done humans can tap into, and Rh'llor and the Great Other are primal forces.