I Have fruit trees of all different price classes. And I can say that they make a good investment however you cut it.

Most of us love fruit. What most people don't understand is fruit trees are some of the best frugal investments you can make. Allow me to crunch the numbers for you:

Let's say you live in a subtropical to tropical area and love avocados. At my local store, they're $2.00 each (Whole Foods organic avos are $3.00 each!). If you have a house with a tiny bit of land, why not plant an avocado tree? The numbers:

  • The tree should cost you $30.00 or less. We'll say $30.00.
  • Let's say you have terrible soil with nutrient deficiencies so you spend $20.00 on amendments to plant the tree. So you're at $50.00.
  • Each year you spend $10.00 on fertilizer/water.

Year one, you may get avocados but if you're smart, you pull them all off the tree early so it focuses on establishing itself.

You're in the hole $50.00.

Year two, you get 5 avocados (you should get more but let's be conservative). You spend $10.00 on fertilizer/water. You're still in the hole $50.00 but you had 5 delicious avocados you were very proud of.

Year three you get 15 avocados (you should get more). You spend $10.00 on fertilizer/water so you're still $30.00 in the hole.

Year four you get 20 avocados (you should get WAY more).

You spend $10.00 on fertilizer/water so you're now even. You've fully realized your investment.

  1. Tell me an investment that has a 100% ROI after 4 years.
  2. A 5 year old avocado should have well over 100 avocados. Mature avocado trees can have 2,3,400 avocados.
  3. The avocado tree doesn't care if the price of avocados goes up to $3.00, $4.00, etc, it is inflation proof (except the cost of fertilizer/water).

This is true for most fruit trees. Find fruit trees that grow well in your area and are fruit you enjoy eating and enjoy your fantastic investment. Frugal minded folk should have a yard full of them.

I think one could take this a step further and commit themselves to homesteading and self-sufficiency in general.

For me, that's the eventual goal I'd like to reach. Not just fruit trees, but a full vegetable garden and hopefully some livestock to produce milk and eggs. Remember, you don't have to consume all of it either, you now have a product you could use to sell or barter if you wanted to.