Season 7 is going to be epic! Dany is on the throne by the end of S.7 and the Wall will come down. Jaime will have killed Cersei and prevented her from setting off wildfire.

In S.8 the White Walkers destroy nearly everything. They make their way all the way down to Kings Landing where Jon and Dany have set a trap. When the White Walkers attack the city, they light the rest of the wildfire. This then leads to Danys vision from s.2 in the ruined and snowy throne room (since winter follows the White Walkers).

Jon and Sansa

Jon and Sansa have Davos, Ghost, Tormund and the Wildlings, the North That Remembers Again, Littlefinger's Knights of the Vale, Arya acting out like a ninja in the shadows and the dauntless Lady Mormont. Bonus: Brienne and Pod are on their way.

Dany has Tyrion and Varys

Dany has Tyrion and Varys, Missandrei, the Unsullied, 3 dragons, a fleet of ships with experienced Pirate leadership, and a thriving horde of horse-riding Dothraki. Bonus: Military backing of Dorne and the wealth and provisions of House Tyrell under the indomitable Queen of Thorns.

Cersei has Jamie

Cersei has Jamie, the Mountain, the Blackwater led by Edmure (who is a total tool), The Twins (sans the Frey leadership and ripe for the taking thanks to Arya), her necromancer Grand Maester and his murdering band of feral children. Bonus: hidden caches of Wildfyre throughout King's Landing

Unknown Entities And Shifting Loyalties:

The Hound

The Hound highly motivated to kill his brother, grew to respect Arya and kinda had a crush on Sansa, loyally served the Lannisters but deserted, traveling with the Brotherhood. Likes chicken.


Melissande banished by Jon but believes he is the Lord of Light's Emissary, reviving him restored her Faith.

Jaime's Conscience

Innate sense of honor restored by Brienne, following a redemptive arc, only one to stand up to Mad Kimg, loves his sister more than anything in the world and she is all the family he has left.

Littlefinger's Ambition

Tempered by lust for Sansa, fueled by envy of Jon, Cersei and anyone else who stands in his way. Littlefinger will see that the chances of him sitting on the Iron Throne are sayo-fucking-nara, and shift his focus towards becoming the new NK instead.

I hope we get to see that scar before Littlefinger bites it.

Littlefinger thinks that he can control Sansa, and his desire to have both her and the Iron Throne could make it pretty easy for her to deal with him.

In the past, he's survived by making sure that he's always on the winning side of a conflict and that he's essential to the people who would want to kill him. Sansa just has to reveal what Littlefinger has done and gain Robin's trust and he can be taken out pretty easily.

I picture him futilely swinging his sword against the NK, only to be pushed back into the snow with a ripped jerkin, exposing his childhood scar, and therefore the physical manifestation of his life's ruthless drive for ambition, laid bare before the absolute indifference of the White Walkers, in the moment of the wintery apocalypse, right before he dies.

Bran, Crow

I can see everywhere when linked in to the Weirwood Network, paralyzed with no more Hodor to Uber him around and no dire wolf to warg into, prone to breaking the rules and causing major screw ups as a result, visible and vulnerable to the Night's King and headed to the Wall.

White Walkers and the Night's King

Winter is here, Bran may inadvertently provide them with an access point through the Wall, can resurrect the dead to join them.

Battles don't make GoT good, drama does.

GoT will stay GoT until the end, and that means that there will be factions, infighting, and betrayals in the seven kingdoms all throughout the next two seasons and throughout the war with the white walkers.