Season 7 is going to be epic! Dany is on the throne by the end of S.7 and the Wall will come down. Jaime will have killed Cersei and prevented her from setting off wildfire.

In S.8 the White Walkers destroy nearly everything. They make their way all the way down to Kings Landing where Jon and Dany have set a trap. When the White Walkers attack the city, they light the rest of the wildfire. This then leads to Danys vision from s.2 in the ruined and snowy throne room (since winter follows the White Walkers).

Jon and Sansa

Jon and Sansa have Davos, Ghost, Tormund and the Wildlings, the North That Remembers Again, Littlefinger's Knights of the Vale, Arya acting out like a ninja in the shadows and the dauntless Lady Mormont. Bonus: Brienne and Pod are on their way.

Dany has Tyrion and Varys

Dany has Tyrion and Varys, Missandrei, the Unsullied, 3 dragons, a fleet of ships with experienced Pirate leadership, and a thriving horde of horse-riding Dothraki. Bonus: Military backing of Dorne and the wealth and provisions of House Tyrell under the indomitable Queen of Thorns.

Cersei has Jamie

Cersei has Jamie, the Mountain, the Blackwater led by Edmure (who is a total tool), The Twins (sans the Frey leadership and ripe for the taking thanks to Arya), her necromancer Grand Maester and his murdering band of feral children. Bonus: hidden caches of Wildfyre throughout King's Landing

Unknown Entities And Shifting Loyalties:

The Hound

The Hound highly motivated to kill his brother, grew to respect Arya and kinda had a crush on Sansa, loyally served the Lannisters but deserted, traveling with the Brotherhood. Likes chicken.


Melissande banished by Jon but believes he is the Lord of Light's Emissary, reviving him restored her Faith.

Jaime's Conscience

Innate sense of honor restored by Brienne, following a redemptive arc, only one to stand up to Mad Kimg, loves his sister more than anything in the world and she is all the family he has left.

Littlefinger's Ambition

Tempered by lust for Sansa, fueled by envy of Jon, Cersei and anyone else who stands in his way. Littlefinger will see that the chances of him sitting on the Iron Throne are sayo-fucking-nara, and shift his focus towards becoming the new NK instead.

I hope we get to see that scar before Littlefinger bites it.

Littlefinger thinks that he can control Sansa, and his desire to have both her and the Iron Throne could make it pretty easy for her to deal with him.

In the past, he's survived by making sure that he's always on the winning side of a conflict and that he's essential to the people who would want to kill him. Sansa just has to reveal what Littlefinger has done and gain Robin's trust and he can be taken out pretty easily.

I picture him futilely swinging his sword against the NK, only to be pushed back into the snow with a ripped jerkin, exposing his childhood scar, and therefore the physical manifestation of his life's ruthless drive for ambition, laid bare before the absolute indifference of the White Walkers, in the moment of the wintery apocalypse, right before he dies.

Bran, Crow

I can see everywhere when linked in to the Weirwood Network, paralyzed with no more Hodor to Uber him around and no dire wolf to warg into, prone to breaking the rules and causing major screw ups as a result, visible and vulnerable to the Night's King and headed to the Wall.

White Walkers and the Night's King

Winter is here, Bran may inadvertently provide them with an access point through the Wall, can resurrect the dead to join them.

Battles don't make GoT good, drama does.

GoT will stay GoT until the end, and that means that there will be factions, infighting, and betrayals in the seven kingdoms all throughout the next two seasons and throughout the war with the white walkers.


My issue with Sansa in the show is she thinks she should get all this credit. The problem is she doesn't have other people speak up on her behalf.

Lyanna nominated Jon, but nobody stepped forward for Sansa. In that situation, neither her nor Jon can really speak up. Ideally Royce should have stepped forward, or Little Finger, but without a hype man or her work being on display, she won't be in people's hearts to be nominated.

I read that scene as her having the chance to speak up, but refusing to do so.

Littlefinger planted the seed in the Godswood, just like he had in Mole's Town, except this time she didn't bite. Sansa sat there in silence for several seconds when she could have spoken up, but instead Lady Mormont finally spoke. Littlefinger's disgust was that Sansa had refused to use that moment to seize power. I think the whole Sansa v. Jon thing is complete misdirection.

Everyone said Jon was dead and that was the end of it last year.

If she wants Winterfell she should have spoke up and made her case. I'm really tired of Sansa's whimpering and crying that she isn't "getting the credit she deserves" when she never opens her mouth or asserts herself. Jon would have supported her, had she stood up and spoken for herself. He said himself that she should be the Lady of Winterfell.

I feel like the writers are just determined to make Jon and Sansa rivals for drama, when it could all be cleared up if Sansa would just fucking talk.

Which she never does.

She wants to prove she's a player of the game, but she's making intrigue and drama where it need not be. Again, if she would open her mouth and assert herself. While I get that, as Ned's trueborn daughter, her claim 'should' be stronger than a bastards, this is a patriarchal society. She is going to have to speak up and fight to be heard, and earn the approval of her Lords.

Not just have it handed it to her.


The way that it seems to me is that the seven are just paragons and not gods. They're irrelevant. The old gods are more of a natural mysticism and that's alive and well with Bran.

The interesting forces at work are Rh'llor and the Great Other, fire and ice. I think that both are destructive magics and that the White Walkers are the result of the Great Other's power. The children of the forest delved into magic that they normally didn't use. I think that both are evil and that only in balance can life survive.

In that, the Braavosi belief that there is only one God, death, makes sense. They are both different faces of the same coin so to speak. Unchecked, Ice kills everyone, and the same with fire. The people worshipping either are only drawn to power, and mistake that as having human traits.

An imbalance in either direction causes massive destruction, which is why the Many Faced God is so ambivalent in the eyes of his followers.

  • Dany will suffer some major loses at sea, due to Euron or a storm
  • Sam will find some key information at the citadel that will help in the fight against the White Walkers
  • Arya will continue her quest for vengeance that will ultimately consume her. She'll never reunite with her family again
  • King's Landing will devolve into civil war and will have destroyed itself from the inside before Dany even gets there
  • Jamie will kill Cersei and then off himself
  • Sansa and Jon will continue butting heads but she will ultimately manipulate Littlefinger out of the game
  • Tyrion will bring Jon and Dany together and they'll form an alliance through marriage before they even learn the truth of Jon’s birth
  • We'll get a flashback with Rhaegar to prove once and for all that it was love all along
  • Euron will be Dany's First Boss this season, only lasting a couple episodes -- will take out some of her fleet though, and also kill Yara
  • Dany will take King's Landing with relative ease, Cersei will die at the hands of Jaime when he stops her from burning the rest of the city, a la Aerys. Jaime then kills himself
  • The final episode of the season will contain the Wedding of Ice and Fire -- no crazy Red/Purple Wedding shenanigans, but we will see the Wall falling after the marriage is consummated to assure the audience that happiness is fleeting
  • Bran will reunite with his Starks siblings at Winterfell and inform Jon of his parentage
  • LF will put seeds of doubt into Sansa's head, she will make it appear as though she is on his side but turn against him when his guard is down, killing him
  • Arya will kill Melisandre
  • The Wall comes down in the finale

I think that the interesting thing with Jon Snow is that he is a mixture of the embodiment of fire and ice, a restoration of balance between the two forces.

Arya is identified by Melisandre as being linked with the Great Other, which implies that House Stark is linked to that force at least somewhat. This idea fits with the idea that the First Men bred with the Children of the Forest. The Targaryens are obviously linked with Rh'llor.

I think that both are evil unchecked and that only in balance, can life survive.

The old gods are a manifestation of that balance and the seven are just ideas that humans have of justice. The seven have no power outside what the humans give them in the series. The old gods are a natural force that done humans can tap into, and Rh'llor and the Great Other are primal forces.


I just finished 6 and I am so excited. My mind is spinning and I am not the only one.

  • Bran crosses the Wall, and inadvertently destroys it with the magic-cancellation mark on his hand. White walkers start marching south with the winter.
  • Wildlings settle north of Winterfell and are the first to be slaughtered by white walkers.
  • Jaime will consider being the Queenslayer, but will show growth by finding some other way to remove her from power.
  • Melissandre meets up with the Brotherhood (Sandor and Thoros). Arya also catches up with this group, kills Melissandre, and reunites with Sandor.
  • Euron is rejected by Dany and forms an alliance with Cersei. Dany is forced to defeat Euron's forces in battle.
  • Littlefinger rides back to the Vale. He does something that bores or upsets Robin, and Robin has him thrown through the moon door on a whim.
  • Not expecting Jon and Dany to marry/ally, at least not for a while. That would be too good of a thing to happen in a show where mostly-bad things happen. And I think Dany already has more alliances than she really cares for.
  • Cersei enraged that she's going to lose the Iron throne after she's lusted for it for so long. Cersei finds out Tyrion is the hand of the queen and is helping the invasion. Cersei tells Qyburn to burn them all, every man, woman and child in Kings Landing. Ser Jamie thrusts his sword into his true loves breast to stop her like he stopped the Mad King, amidst the smoke and ash the Queenslayer is born. He pulls out his sword to find it aflame.

Varys, Tyrion and Olenna are with Dany so I highly Doubt LF would get anywhere near the Throne no matter how much power he collects, he's burned those bridges they know his nature. I think LF will Fall in the north to Sansa, he has underestimated her and Jon and the northerners ever since season 1 with ned. he treats them not like players of the game but pieces.

It's only a matter of time before he makes a move for power and gets taken out, none of the northerners will stab Jon in the back now. and Lord royce, well LF threatened to throw him out of the moon door once already for "betraying sansa to the boltons" so we know his loyalties are not to LF, he would gladly side with Sansa and Jon. Lately he made a couple big mistakes regarding Sansa, clouded by his feelings for her.

Now Littlefinger is rejected by Sansa, who "lost" the top Stark position to Jon. She's no longer as interesting.


I see two possibilities for Bran's story:

  1. Bran crosses the Wall without thinking about being touched by the Night King, and the army of the dead can pass the Wall. Many people have suggested this so far, and knowing how this show likes to create worst-case scenarios, seems likely. But it seems a little too obvious to me.
  2. Bran remembers how the touch of the Night King allowed them to break in last time, and makes Meera leave him behind so that she can spread the word. Maybe the latter part of this won't happen, but I'd like to think that Bran would have learned his lesson from the last time, and thus refuses to cross the Wall. Maybe Bran will have to sacrifice himself by staying behind. There's also the possibility that he refuses to cross the Wall, but is then forced to by a concerned member of the Night's Watch and shit gets fucked up anyways. But then again, someone in the Night's Watch would have no trouble believing him, considering their likely first-hand experiences with White Walkers.

I guess I just don't want the first option to happen because I feel like Bran should've learned his lesson. People important to him died because of what happened last time, so you'd hope that would be a wake-up call for him.

We're introduced to Qyburn badly injured at harenhall after its put to ruins by the lannisters/sir Gregor clegane. Robb and Talisa help him. He ends ups staying there under Roose Boltons leadership. But I never understood why the loyalty toward the lannisters.

Second, it runs in line with book Varys and his plans for Kings Landing and chaos. So far he hasn't been involved. It would be a nice nod to book readers after the show altered some stories to this end.

It would also explain why the little birds took to Qyburn so quickly.

Littlefinger falls hard, maybe even dies.

The North is not like the political arenas he mastered in the South, he may be able to manipulate honorable men like Ned but I don't think he truly understands how the Northern Lords work.

Lord Royce already hates him, Robin is apparently in the Vale, and the Knights might turn against him. Sansa working with Littlefinger would be a blatant ruin of her development and opinions on trusting the man who got her into the Ramsay mess in the first place, she may have problems with Jon but she will not side with Littlefinger.

Littlefinger will have no idea how to react to the magical plot getting closer. He can play the game of men but White Walkers and undead are a whole different story. Littlefinger is finally out of his element and I think its going to cost him.


This game certainly has the potential to top Telltale's TWD, considering that the Game of Thrones style fantasy setting feels certainly fresh compared to zombie survival, which has been done to death in video games.

Unfortunately, I have to agree that the graphics seem kinda lacking, as far as I can judge from the trailer. That certainly worked for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, which were based on comic books, but I would have really preferred a modern, more photorealistic style for the Game of Thrones adaption. I suppose this would do the source material more justice.

TT did a smart thing with TWD by creating a pretty good gulf between game and show/comic.

But it looks like with GoT, they are aiming directly at the established fanbase -- and by doing so, put immense pressure on their own original narrative from existing Song of Ice and Fire characters and plotlines.

I think The Wolf Among Us was far far superior to both of the TWD seasons. The game was just dripping with atmosphere and I feel like writing was as good if not better. Also you get to play as Bigby Wolf.

Some bits of GoT are visually dark and gritty but many are not.

Game Of Thrones varies from low saturation in the North to bright and colorful at Kings Landing and overexposed in Essos. Grittiness and darkness are used when appropriate but that's mostly during battles or when a character is simply having a bad time.

I think this trailer is very accurate to the visual tone of the show. Most of the shots seemed to be direct reproductions of concept artwork and scenes from the actual show.

Sure, the 3D models are low poly count with a hand-drawn quality to the characters, and the 3D lighting is pretty basic but those are technical limitation (they're not targeting gaming enthusiast hardware).