• French Vanilla (cap) 2%
  • Honey Clover (la) 1%
  • Marzipan (fa) 2%
  • Pear (tpa) 6%

The flavor was nothing like what I expected. The Pear was obviously supposed to be the main flavor note, with the honey to sweeten. That didn't happen. The two flavors combined to create a fruity, floral flavor that tasted neither of pear or honey.

The marzipan would in theory add a slight sweet nuttiness. Which it did to an extent.

Finally the French vanilla, to act as a blender, really only seemed to lighten the mix.

Next time, if there is one, I might use fa almond instead of marzipan.


I think a lot of people are protective of their secret ingredients or recipes. I think a lot of folks have these "dreams" of producing their own line of ejuice and making gobs of money off it and they don't want to give away their recipes. I'll admit that's an element of DIY that i don't really understand, for me sharing information and giving back to me just seems logical.

There is more than one vendor out there. And some more successful than others.

That doesn't stop people from trying to make a success of their DIY work either. 99% of the most successful vendors do keep their ingredients closely guarded for a reason. Some juices can be cloned, but look at how many haven't been perfectly cloned! If they are truly as simple as you make it out to be, then we wouldn't be having this discussion. There are people selling juice for over 20 bucks a bottle that would cost us roughly .13 cents to make.

Now, with that in perspective, you have to ask yourself at some point - is there more than one mitigating factor involved to juice success?


And I'm not ruling out whether or not it's just a flavor combination and nicotine source too, etc. But the one thing every juice has in common, is their base(s). And the one thing that will set them apart, is the difference in their base, as well as their ingredients. Now, with that said, all I have done is suggest a possible solution to a common question all based on experience and things I've read. You don't have to agree with me, but you don't need to argue with me over it either.

Can you imagine how quickly your profits would fall off if people knew how to perfectly clone your juice?

With all that said, the only ingredient I've used that seems to make a huge difference has been bavarian cream, even with just a little bit of it can really smooth and sweeten a mix.